IPO Closed IPOs

Company Issue Type Issue Size(rupeeCr.) Open Date Close Date Offer Price(rupee)
A B Infrabuild Ltd Fixed Price - SME 12.84 28-Jun-19 03-Jul-19 29.00
S K International Expor... Fixed Price - SME 3.96 28-Jun-19 05-Jul-19 20.00
City Pulse Multiplex Ltd Fixed Price - SME 3.98 27-Jun-19 03-Jul-19 30.00
SBC Exports Ltd Fixed Price - SME 6.56 24-Jun-19 26-Jun-19 22.00
Indiamart Intermesh Ltd (Book Built Portion) 475.59 24-Jun-19 26-Jun-19 973.00
Earum Pharmaceuticals Ltd Fixed Price - SME 6.65 21-Jun-19 26-Jun-19 36.00
Parshva Enterprises Ltd Fixed Price - SME 3.65 19-Jun-19 21-Jun-19 45.00
Anand Rayons Ltd Fixed Price - SME 12.66 18-Jun-19 24-Jun-19 27.00
Meera Industries Ltd Fixed Price - SME 11.75 13-Jun-19 18-Jun-19 225.00
Suich Industries Ltd Book Building - SME 30.86 30-May-19 04-Jun-19 75.00
Par Drugs & Chemicals Ltd Fixed Price - SME 8.53 03-May-19 08-May-19 51.00
Cian Healthcare Ltd Book Building - SME 37.92 02-May-19 15-May-19 61.00
Evans Electric Ltd Fixed Price - SME 1.93 30-Apr-19 03-May-19 52.00
White Organic Retail Ltd Fixed Price - SME 15.46 26-Apr-19 02-May-19 63.00
Neogen Chemicals Ltd (Book Built Portion) 132.35 24-Apr-19 26-Apr-19 215.00
Artemis Electricals Ltd Book Building - SME 42.00 24-Apr-19 06-May-19 60.00
G K P Printing & Packag... Fixed Price - SME 6.58 23-Apr-19 26-Apr-19 32.00
V R Films & Studios Ltd Fixed Price - SME 2.27 12-Apr-19 18-Apr-19 61.00
Jinaam's Dress Ltd Fixed Price - SME 42.48 09-Apr-19 15-Apr-19 59.00
Polycab India Ltd (Book Built Portion) 1,345.26 05-Apr-19 09-Apr-19 538.00
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd (Book Built Portion) 1,204.29 03-Apr-19 05-Apr-19 880.00
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (Book Built Portion) 477.11 29-Mar-19 03-Apr-19 19.00
Osia Hyper Retail Ltd Fixed Price - SME 39.78 26-Mar-19 28-Mar-19 252.00
Northern Spirits Ltd Fixed Price - SME 18.50 22-Mar-19 27-Mar-19 43.00
KHFM Hospitality & Faci... Fixed Price - SME 10.62 22-Mar-19 04-Apr-19 36.00
Roopshri Resorts Ltd Fixed Price - SME 3.60 19-Mar-19 22-Mar-19 20.00
Embassy Office Parks REIT (Book Built Portion) 4,750.00 18-Mar-19 20-Mar-19 300.00
Artedz Fabs Ltd Book Building - SME 8.32 18-Mar-19 20-Mar-19 36.00
Humming Bird Education ... Fixed Price - SME 2.15 15-Mar-19 19-Mar-19 132.00
Ashapuri Gold Ornament ... Fixed Price - SME 29.33 13-Mar-19 18-Mar-19 51.00
MSTC Ltd (Book Built Portion) 211.04 13-Mar-19 20-Mar-19 120.00
Aartech Solonics Ltd Fixed Price - SME 7.21 12-Mar-19 18-Mar-19 34.00
Mahip Industries Ltd Fixed Price - SME 16.63 26-Feb-19 01-Mar-19 32.00
Gleam Fabmat Ltd Fixed Price - SME 3.12 19-Feb-19 22-Feb-19 10.00
Mindpool Technologies Ltd Fixed Price - SME 3.60 14-Feb-19 20-Feb-19 30.00
Kranti Industries Ltd Fixed Price - SME 8.58 14-Feb-19 20-Feb-19 37.00
Jonjua Overseas Ltd Fixed Price - SME 1.30 12-Feb-19 15-Feb-19 10.00
Anmol India Ltd Fixed Price - SME 10.23 12-Feb-19 14-Feb-19 33.00
Chalet Hotels Ltd (Book Built Portion) 1,641.18 29-Jan-19 31-Jan-19 280.00
Ritco Logistics Ltd Book Building - SME 48.18 28-Jan-19 30-Jan-19 73.00
Surani Steel Tubes Ltd Book Building - SME 12.92 25-Jan-19 29-Jan-19 52.00
Xelpmoc Design and Tech... (Book Built Portion) 23.00 23-Jan-19 25-Jan-19 66.00
K P I Global Infrastruc... Fixed Price - SME 39.94 08-Jan-19 11-Jan-19 80.00
Axita Cotton Ltd Fixed Price - SME 10.51 27-Dec-18 02-Jan-19 60.00
Deccan Health Care Ltd Book Building - SME 42.12 18-Dec-18 20-Dec-18 100.00
Shankar Lal Rampal Dye-... Fixed Price - SME 7.29 12-Dec-18 14-Dec-18 45.00
DRS Dilip Roadlines Ltd Fixed Price - SME 31.50 27-Nov-18 30-Nov-18 75.00
Diksha Greens Ltd Fixed Price - SME 13.32 26-Nov-18 28-Nov-18 30.00
Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Ltd Fixed Price - SME 6.51 22-Nov-18 27-Nov-18 26.00
Roni Households Ltd Fixed Price - SME 3.00 19-Nov-18 22-Nov-18 20.00
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